Who We Are

Wellspring 365 is a health and lifestyle membership program.

What We Offer

We offer the benefit of savings on products and services from a network of businesses and professionals within the health and wellness industry.

Mission Statement

To improve the health and well-being of our members by empowering them with knowledge and exclusive savings on products and services that promote whole health living.

About Us

Our lives can be complicated sometimes and out of control. Trying to make sense of things can be difficult. Because you have made a choice to look for solutions, you are almost to where you can find peace of mind. A life of balance. At Wellspring 365 we help our clients to find lifestyle balance through their own natural resources…it’s our nature. With the use of mind-body-spirit, our clients learn to focus on what they have control over and start to work on a well-defined plan that promotes creative positive change for balanced living.
Wellspring 365 is Proactive, Preventative and Personal. We are a health assurance company that provides services, products, and support by promoting businesses who are conscious about healthy lifestyle living.

Sandra A. Frith, MA, LPC, LMFT

Owner & Founder Wellspring 365


Sandra “San” A. Frith, MA, LPC-S, LMFT, is a Holistic Integrative Therapist whose approach is to incorporate the whole person as well as to utilize real food nutritional coaching.  She is a Certified Health Consultant and the owner of Wellspring 365—an on-site and on-line resource for real food nutrition coaching, lifestyle coaching, personal fitness trainers and emotional health/wellness services. Our company’s focus is to revolutionize healthy and happy living through products, services and personal support.  San’s mission is to engage not only her clients in maintaining a momentum for making healthy choices and changes, but to challenge herself and her family as well. With a background in developing and producing weekend self-renewal retreats, San has the networking opportunities to enlist other like-minded companies to join forces to create partnerships with a passion to promote and support healthy living for the whole family that is affordable. As a result, Wellspring 365 was created.

Connect with San and learn more at Wellspring 365 and join the community.